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Who we are

Tausend Taten e.V. (“1,000 deeds”) is a non-profit association. Our goal is to activate and expand civil engagement in Jena and the surrounding area. We implement social projects with the help of numerous volunteers. We are particularly active in the areas of care for the elderly, children and young people as well as in the areas of education and support. 


Up to 1,000 deeds

Does civil engagement sound boring to you? Volunteering is not considered worthwhile and it is not your responsibility to help others? We don't think that! Under the motto "A thousand and Ones deeds! Give time. Win joy" we invite you to think outside the box, to stand up for others and to give some time to those who need help. It is very simple and brings infinite joy.

Support us

We need your commitment and help so that we can accomplish at least a thousand deeds. Without volunteers, even the most beautiful plan cannot be implemented.

This is how you can help us:

  1. donating your time as a volunteer
  2. monetary donations
  3. becoming a member

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